When a few weeks back some media friends preferred to address the Academy in Oron as rumour-rife environment riddled with rumour mongers, I hardly could laugh them to scorn. For very many years, the Academy has remained a very quiet environment with strict disciplinary bias and something a kin to an “engraved” respect for official secrecy and confidentiality. Staff cherished themselves, one another and the Academy as a whole.

Serving the interest of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron was cardinal, sacrosanct and sacrificial. The trend must be a continuum irrespective of personal differences, interests and idiosyncracies. The robust development of the Academy has a correlation  to our overall interest as a nation. we must work to realise the Maritime Academy of Nigeria of our collective dream and aspiration.

Truth is, the peddling of rumours is not restricted to MAN, Oron alone, though we may have apparently high frequency of such within the institution or its environs. Rumours would not just cease to be rumours. As a reputable corporate organisation, we cannot and must not be seen as encouraging or cherishing rumours, or grooming rumour-mongers.

Rather, we encourage progressive Nigerians and all others to avail themselves of the relevant provisions of the law,as encapsulated in the highly cherished Freedom of Information (FOI)Act, as it concerns the gathering of information from an institution such as MAN, Oron.

Any accusation or allegation of wrong doing against any public servant should itself be deemed a serious matter, as his or her allegiance must always be to serve the Federal, State or Local Government officially and the interest of Nigerians loyally. Also, accusations against hardworking and dedicated civil servants must be verifiable and the accusers identifiable and presentable, just as the accused. This will eliminate a lot of frivolous, rumour-anchored allegations and save government valuable business time as well as discourage or minimise malicious, vindictive whistle-blowers bent on vendetta.

Our seeming peculiar experience has left the Academy open to all kinds of  attacks, most of which have been spurious and vitriolic, especially on the social media platform. In all, our Management has come out waxing stronger, more robust and feels challenged again, to deliver its mandate to all Nigerians without fear or favour.

Above all, we encourage all Nigerians and the media, the credible media, to feel free always to visit the Academy and personally verify flying stories before making their comments, being opinion moulders.

The Academy has Management strength of about 40 and if at one time 2 members of that team disagree, it does not translate to the team being in disarray as has been wrongly portrayed.

All Nigerians, and indeed the media, need the Academy just as much as the Academy needs the media and Nigerians. Constructive criticism may help “box” the institution into ship-shape proper but destructive criticism is only an ill-wind that blows none no good. MAN, Oron may fall and rise a number of times but its focus and goals, as encapsulated in its vision and mission statements, remain sacrosanct, attainable and real.

The Academy too shall get there!

Positives recorded by the institution in the last three months should be harped on by the media. For instance, the 24- hour daily supply of power in the campus, at a cost of almost one-third of what used to be the case per month deserves commendation; prompt attention given to Cadets welfare and programmes, seasonal staff welfare packages, which have remained on course should be given some mentioning.



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