The people of Afaha Eduok Vilage in Idua Community came out jubilating today as the Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Dr. Joshua Okpo led some members of his Management on inspection of the road linking the Academy with Udung Okung village in Eyo Abasi Community and Afaha Eduok in Idua Community.

This road which has just been graded opened up the villages long neglected by the State Government. The Government had at the peak of the crisis which engulfed the two villages some years ago promised to open them up with tarred roads which have become a mirage.

The Rector also inspected the roads linking Udung Okung with the Federal Housing Estate, Eyo Abasi, Oron Town as well as the paths linking Idua  in Oron Local Government Area, and Udung Okung Local Government Area and directed that they be opened up as well. Also to be graded is the pathway from Idua leading to another fishing Community within the vicinity. The aim is to promote commercial activities between these communities and improve the quality of life of the people.

The cleared site for the construction of Idua Town Hall earlier promised by the Rector was also inspected. He promised to return to the site next week.

Addressing the people of Idua made up of chiefs, elders, a former councillor, youth and some women. The Rector noted that the impromptu inspection was to ensure that the roads graded were properly done. He reminded them of his pledge to ensure that peace returned to the land of Eyo Abasi and Idua and that “resettling the displaced people as a way of completing the peace process was a task that must be done”. He told them again that Idua and Eyo Abasi remained his home and that his Management will do everything possible to improve the welfare of the Idua people, stressing that the Academy was determined, ready and willing to partner with both communities on equal terms. This will give each community a sense of belonging.

Echoes of “God bless you and your family” could be heard all around the Rector as vehicles were abandoned at very bad portions which were not motorable and the team occasionally walked the paths.

Dr. Joshua Okpo recalled their earlier request to have their schools and clinics rehabilitated and pledged to tackle these projects in due course.



Public Relations Desk

MAN, Oron