The Coalition of African Youth Group Organisation is a Non-Governmental Organisation that comprises youths of different African Nations. The group which has a good number of its members drawn from the pool of creative youth of different countries of the continent also boast of well articulated youth empowerment schemes. The group visited the Rector and Management of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron

 In his address The President of the visiting group Mr. Apia congratulated the Rector for his recently re-appointment as the Rector of MAN, Oron for the next four years and stressed that as progressive Youth platform the desire of the founders is to re- orientate the average African Youth on the need to have self esteem, develop man power to meet the demands of the age and to tap the potentials of young Africans for the development and good of Africa as a whole. The group also draws strength from organising seminars and workshops for these international youths. 

In his words, “We are determined to change the mind-set of the African Youth from Job seekers to Job creators”. He also commended the Rector, for standing tall in service to his Country Nigeria, noting that Humanity was the better for it. The Leadership of the group said that the general body of the Coalition of African Youth are proud to associate with Dr. [Amb.] Joshua Okpo’s leadership style which is result-oriented / goals-attaining, noting some giant strides of his Administration. In some areas like 24-hours light, water supply, staff recruitment, procurement of simulators, prevention of Ebola disease out-break and restoration of peace between the warring communities of Udung Okung and Afaha Eduok Ukpata.

The group’s vision is stressed to help the youth in Africa grow acknowledging the fact that the African Youth have the intellectual and technical know-how to create wealth therefore the initiative of Africa Youth Programme will come to bare, and hopefully about 100 Youths in Africa will be nominated of 100 to be trained on different types of businesses and skills. It is expected that those nominees shall retrain other members and the resultwill have a positive multiplying effect, empowering the Youth.

High point of the visit was the presentation of Certificate of Credence to the Rector as African Icon of integrity in Public Service.


Dr. Joshua Okpo in his response dedicated the Certificate to the glory of God, and to the Management and staff of the Academy for giving him maximum support and co-operation.

In his words he acknowledged the vision of the group as a noble course and observed that “poverty is a sin and crime against humanity and whosoever fights poverty is doing God’s desire”. He regrets that the social stratification in society has created room also for some anomalies as God’s given wealth is not distributed on the basis of equality, therefore resulting in a wide gap between the haves and the haves-not; bringing about the wretched of the earth.

Okpo enjoined Management to extend goodwill and the spirit of African brotherhood, to the group to enable it fight for the betterment of Africa and the black nation.

He reiterated that society will be better if we bring succour and close the gabs between the rich and the poor.

The Rector encouraged the Youth to be law abiding citizens, and to shun all form of cultism and criminality. He invited them to be partners in building their various nations and Africa as a Continent so that someday their Legacies and names will be written in gold.



Public Relations Department

MAN, Oron


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