Acquisition of Skills for effective and efficient contribution of individuals to national growth and development has remained the dream of both the Government and Private concerns, as it enables anyone to be self employed or even to be an employer of labour.


Research has it that with Skills Acquisition at one time or the other, the youths would go a long way in eradicating poverty and other social vices militating against the progress of our country.


It is the understanding of the benefits of Skills Acquisition that prompted the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Elano Investment Limited, Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron in Akwa Ibom State on Wednesday.


This agreement will enable the Academy commence a training programme with the aim of guaranteeing excellent training to all trainees.


In his welcome address the Rector reiterated the Management’s commitment to giving sound and basic training which will guarantee the making of qualitative and competent personnel with required skills.


He further appreciated the Company for finding the Academy a fertile ground to partner with and also encouraged them to consider the whole of Nigeria their constituency to allow for extension of similar gesture to other communities within the country.


The Rector gave an assurance that the trainees would definitely not disappoint the Academy or Elano investment Limited, as they all have been tested both in conduct and learning. “Qualified candidates that would be trained in the Academy have been properly screened before hand, so as to ensure quality participation, which in no time would bring excellent results”, he noted.


He stressed that the trainees should be tolerant of one another, while emphasising that any misbehaviours would lead to dismissal irrespective of the person involved.


Speaking in glowing terms, the Consultant of Elano Investment Limited, Mrs Edughom Hanson, thanked the Management of the Academy for the partnership agreement and described the relationship as very relevant and necessary at a time like this, when the youths of our Country needed to be firmly established in various skills, so as to be self reliant and to contribute positively to national development.


Mrs Hanson expressed optimism in the bright and enchanting promises made by the Academy towards training the youths to be productive citizens, and expressed her profound gratitude to the Management for the hospitality accorded them during their visit.


On his part, the Head of MANCONSULT, Dr Kevin Okonna, expressed his profound gratitude to Elano Investment Ltd. on their consistency and perseverance throughout the months of deliberations.


He also noted that the training will help immensely in reducing poverty, cultism, unemployment and restiveness among the youths, while adding that the course content and overall training is set out to impact positively on the youths during their stay in the Academy.


He thanked the group and hoped for a lasting the relationship between the duo that will lead to greater heights.


Earlier, the leader of the visiting team, Chief Gomba Okanje, who expressed joy over Academy’s hospitable disposition towards their team noted that “Education remains the boat that leads to greatness even as he envisage, a wonderful and continual relationship that will be long lasting’’.


He affirmed that before they had a compilation of the intending trainees, the company had organised phases of examinations to test behavioural attitudes of trainees in other to avoid any future embarrassment on their paths.


 The signing of the MOU between the two organisations was the high point of the day’s event.


Also in the Elano Investment Ltd. Team were: Chief Gomba Okanje -Board Chairman; HRH Prof. Walter Ollor; Chief James N. Agba- Director; Hon. Godwin Risi-Director and Jacob Abaye - Consultant.






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