The Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Dr. Joshua Okpo, was one of the few recipients of the 6th edition of awards lined up by the organisers of the Niger Delta Achievers Merit Award (NDAMA) in Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, recently.

The rising pile of awards on the Rector is a far-telling testimony of the extraordinary feats Dr. Okpo has attained in the Academy in the critical areas of infrastructural development, Cadets enhanced training and staff welfare programmes. Little wonder why the organisers of the latest (NDAMA) award honoured him as the “Academic Man of the Year”____

a meritorious and fitting title for a man with a large heart in matters of development and training.

President, Niger Delta Achievers Merit Award, Comrade Derick Akakabota, commended the Rector for changing the story of the Academy within the space of 4 years and expressed the hope that this addition to the Rector’s numerous accolades will encourage him to do more for the institution and his Country

The Rector was accompanied to the event by the Head of Public Relations, Mr. Siddi Mkpandiok, SA to the Rector, Mrs. Odo Ansa-Eno, Mr. Gbenga Odepe and the Academy’s Media Consultant, Mr. Edet Okpo.



Public Relations Department.


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