The recent campaigns of calumny against the office and person of the Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron are intended to smear the enviable reputation of Dr. (Amb.) Joshua Okpo and bring to disrepute government’s sincere efforts at transforming the academy to a world class maritime institution.

Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron is a Federal Government-owned Institution given the mandate to train seafarers who are deemed Merchant Navy Officers. One other cardinal element of the kind of training offered in the Academy which commands prominence is that discipline which emanates from regimentation. The high-level discipline of Cadets ensures that the graduate-cadet comes out moulded in both learning and in character. The moulding of Cadets character has therefore conditioned the minds of most staff of the Academy on positive, progressive action. The Rector and Management of the Academy in the last four years have ensured that the Academy remained a responsible and responsive corporate body, with high regard for the principle of due process, accountability and transparency in government business/affairs.

As a Parastatal of the Federal Government, the Academy has a Supervisory Ministry as well as other vital organs of Government statutorily assigned to ensure proper, efficient and effective utilisation of financial, material and human resources given to the Academy. These bodies also ensure Checks and Balances are put in place strictly for accountability and transparency purposes. Besides the Federal Ministry of Transport, we have the highly respected Senate Committee on Marine Transport and the House Committee on Marine Transport, besides other reputable teams of external auditors, including auditors from NIMASA who occasionally visit the Academy just as is the case with most Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Companies.




Recent seemingly sponsored attacks on the person and office of the Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron and on some of his staff are not only hollow but mischievous, malicious and misleading. The accusers of the Academy claimed that Amb. Joshua Okpo collected the sum of N600, 000,000.00 from the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) being its due Statutory Fund for projects sited in or owned by the institution. Correct. They went further to state that “this colossal amount and subsequent ones were siphoned off and embezzled through phony contracts”. Incorrect. For the avoidance of doubts and the presentation of facts (supported with actual-state-of development pictures) to Nigerians and all well meaning people, about the Academy, we enumerate the following projects:


I.         CONSTRUCTION OF 4 FLATS IN ONE STOREY SENIOR MANAGEMENT STAFF QUARTERS – which is situated in the Academy’s Phase One and is about 85% completed and fenced round. We have three number of such facility being built within that particular vicinity.





II.                   CONSTRUCTION OF ONE STOREY CLASSROOM BLOCK A – which is on Phase Two and is 40% done.




III.       CONSTRUCTION OF ONE NO. BUNGALOW CLASSROOM BLOCK “A” – Located on Phase One of the Academy is at present 98% completed, with Electrical, Plumbing, Finishes and External works almost completed.


IV. CONSTRUCTION OF ONE NO. 20 OFFICES ROOM BUNGALOW FOR THE BURSARY – This facility which is on Phase Two of the Academy is 100% Completed and was occupied by the relevant officers and staff in August this year (2015).


V.  CONSTRUCTION OF 20 BLOCKS OF THREE BEDROOM FLAT TWIN BUNGALOW STAFF QUARTERS  – situated on Phase Three of the Academy is 100% completed and is expected to alleviate the accommodation plight of Staff.

VI. UPGRADING OF WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM IN THE ACADEMY – Which is on Phase One of the Academy would contribute immensely to the water supply sufficiency of the institution as the number of Cadets, Students and Staff continue to increase. The project is 40% completed.

 VII. PROVISION OF DEDICATED LINES FROM EKET SUBSTATION FOR POWER SUPPLY IMPROVEMENT TO THE ACADEMY MAIN CAMPUS – The base of this project is Phase Three and when completed will ensure steady, constant supply of electricity to the Academy from the National grid. It is expected that the overflow from this source will also service residents of Oron town.

VIII.    SUPPLY OF EQUIPMENT FOR SEAMANSHIP LABORATORY – These state-of-the-art equipment which are installed in the Second Marine Engineering Workshop of the Academy are also digitalized and 95% completed.











Other Projects Under The NIMASA Statutory Fund Include:


IX. CONSTRUCTION OF FIRE STATION FOR THE ACADEMY’S BOATYARD – Which is 100% completed and close to the institution’s critical facilities located at the Academy’s Water-Front/Boatyard and Jetty.





X. CONSTRUCTION OF OVERHEAD UNDERGROUND WATER TANK AND BOREHOLE – This project is 100% completed also and is designed to guarantee adequate water supply on the basis of 24/7, and to ensure proper sanitation and promote good health in the environment.




XI.       SUPPLY OF 30-SEATER-BOAT – This project is 100% completed and is expected to enhance the training capability and IGR base of the Academy.

XII.     SUPPLY OF 30-SEAT SEA BUS – Which is 100% completed is also intended to improve the quality of the Academy’s training, safety measures and enhance its IGR.

XIII.    CONSTRUCTION OF PAVILION AND CONCRETE STAND AT THE NEW FOOTBALL FIELD – This project is 100% completed and will add to the value of sporting activities in the Academy.


XIV.    CONSTRUCTION OF WINDLASS FOR THE ACADEMY’S BOATYARD – This has been completed 100% and would complement the Slipway project in the Academy.

XV.     RENOVATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE BLOCK – This monumental project has been 100% completed with key officers and many other staff of the Academy occupying offices in the building of over 20 years, which before now had no roof. The roof is excellent and the walls are claudded.

XVI.    CONSTRUCTION OF 200- CAPACITY MALE CADETS HOSTEL IN PHASE THREE – Which is 45% completed is a giant project at the completion of which Cadets’ accommodation problem would be drastically reduced.



XVII.  RENOVATION /EQUIPING OF CENTRAL REFECTORY/CADETS’ SMOKEROOM AND KITCHEN – This project is 100% completed and has continued to receive commendations as one of the projects which has enhanced the value of Cadets’ training and life generally, and is considered second to none in the nation.


XVIII. RENOVATION OF ACADEMIC BLOCK- which is almost completed is one other facility designed to promote conducive teaching and learning for lecturers and Cadets/Students respectively. The mega-structure is located on Phase Two of the Academy, and for more than 20 years also had no roof. Today the roofing is classy in outlook and quality.


XIX. CONSTRUCTION OF THE RECTOR’S RESIDENCE (QUARTER 21) ON PHASE ONE – which has been fenced and is 95% completed, is designed to enhance the smooth operations of the Rectorate as well as the status of that office.




XX) CONSTRUCTION OF 3 BLOCKS OF ONE STOREY CLASSROOM BLOCKS- which are located on Phase Two and 100% completed also has MAN Consultancy Services Directorate occupying one of the Storey buildings.

XXI) RENOVATION OF REGIMENTAL UNIT BLOCK- which is 100% completed is a modernised structure with comfortable offices which have been occupied by the regimental Unit Commander, his 2nd –in- Command and other Officers and Ratings of Nigeria Navy who directly superintend the Cadets on regimental and disciplinary matters.



These are some of the numerous projects the Okpo-led Management have embarked upon significantly in the first tenure of his administration. There are several others dotting the Academy’s massive landscape of phases One, Two and Three including internal roads construction of Roads 12 and 13 on phase Three. Even beyond the Academy itself, Ambassador Joshua Okpo has a good number of community-based projects; some completed while others were ongoing, which constitute part of the institution’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

These are time, financial, material and energy consuming projects. The appropriate authorities vested with the know-how on evaluation of projects, completed and on-going, are the only ones who after due evaluation and assessment could pass the judgments Oron Youth Movement (OYOM) arrogated to itself.

The questioning of staff DTAs for official trips with due approvals (some of which are given by the Federal Ministry of Transport) with their  corresponding auditing, smacks of gross ignorance, arrogance and undue interference with due process in the running of government’s business in the Academy on the part of this disgruntle group. Not to fathom the questioning of the Rector’s DTAs. We intend not to join issues with the group on its internal leadership crisis which has lingered for years now.

It must be stated for the avoidance of doubt that the laws of the land, via the instrumentality of the Freedom of Information Act (2011, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria), make provision for how to obtain information properly from any government establishment or agency. What OYOM has unwittingly done is an attempt at legalising illegality. It is an unfortunate thing to abuse the grave disposition of the Rector towards the promotion of peaceful co-existence and development.

We are not regretting the advent of social media network into Nigeria’s Socio-economic and Political mileux but lament the near complete absence of investigative and verification ethics characteristic of mainstream media reporting(in the social media platform).

We sincerely hope we have not belaboured our esteemed followership and admirers with our avalanche of information. We equally would like to draw the curtain on these orchestrated allegations at this juncture, while inviting all who want authentic information about the Academy in whatever aspect to visit the Academy. You can also visit our website- and our Face Book page – Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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press Release: More Encomiums Trail MAN Acting Rector NASS Members revisit

More encomiums have continued to trail the administration of the Acting Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Mr. Mkpandiok A. Mkpandiok, over his administrative acumen. His drive towards repositioning the nation’s premier maritime institution for global competitiveness has continued to yield positive results and commendations, the latest coming from the House Members on Maritime Safety, Education and Administration Committee.

The Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Mohammed Bago who made this known during the Committee’s recent tour of the Academy’s facilities following the conclusion of their retreat at the Ibom Le Meridien Hotel and Golf Resort in Uyo, expressed confidence in the present leadership of the Academy in Oron.

He  commended the Management for giving the Academy a face-lift in less than one year in Office.
‘‘Mkpandiok, you have demonstrated unflinching commitment to the transformation of this institution. Keep it up. We will assist in whatever way we can, to take this Academy to greater heights”, the Chairman assured.
It would be recalled that the Committee members had expressed displeasure over the number of abandoned projects dotting the in the institution’s landscape during their last visit to the Academy. At the time some structures were at various stages of dilapidation, the environment was littered with uncompleted projects, the Academy’s environment was unkempt and some equipment were outdated/ obsolete.

 Today, this ugly Scenario has been consigned to the dustbin of history. Continuing, Hon. Bago said, “We have observed with delight, that your administration has taken steps to complete some projects, renovated some of the buildings, provided some basic facilities and made the environment conducive for learning. We decided to visit this institution after our three days retreat for Legislators, Regulators and Operators in the Maritime sector and we are impressed with what we have seen on ground’’ he commented.

Hon.  Mohammed Bago also assured that his Committee would liaise with relevant companies to enable a good percentage of the Academy’s Cadets gain Sea-Time Experience before year 2017 runs out.

He further emphasised that the committee would liaise with relevant authorities to ensure Cadets of the Academy are exempted from NYSC and JAMB participation like other institutions in its category.

Earlier in his remarks, the Acting Rector of the Academy, Mr Mkpandiok Mkpandiok, who had welcomed Committee members to the institution
appreciating their commitment towards the development of the Academy. He expressed gratitude to the Honourable Minister, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi for the confidence reposed in his Management and promised to remain resolute in his resolve to bring to fruition the change Agenda of the Federal Government in the Nation’s premier Maritime Training Institution.

The MAN Oron Helmsman intimated on his administration’s determination to provide the modern learning facilities that would equip Cadets with the required skills to compete favourably with their counterparts in the global maritime market.

Members of the Committee who took a tour of Academy’s facilities were impressed with the new look the academic environment wore which was in stark contrast compared to when they first visited. Contractors have been mobilised to site thereby reducing the spate of abandoned projects that initially defaced the premises.

Hon. Bago who attributed the present administration’s achievements to a harmonious working relationship amongst members of the Management, stressed that Academy does not need an angel to run its affairs, but patriotic, conscientious and hardworking Nigerians who would harness available human and material resources optimally to meet the objectives of the Institution, expectations of Stakeholders and the founding Fathers of the institution. He therefore sued for continued synergy amongst members of the Academy’s Management in other to lift the institution to greater heights.




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The sincere and dogged efforts of the Mr. Mkpandiok Ante Mkpandiok led administration has been highly commended by the House Committee on Maritime Safety, Education and Administration. This development was made known by the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Mohammed Umaru Bago during their oversight tour of the Academy recently.

He said “I must confess that we have seen tremendous improvement from what it was in our last visit, I therefore commend deeply the Acting Rector, Mkpandiok Ante Mkpandiok for a job well done”.

On delivering of its mandate of providing the Merchant Navy and Maritime and its Allied Industries with qualitative education and training that satisfies end-user expectations, the Committee urged Management to train Staff to be intellectually sound enough to impart knowledge that accords with up-to-date technology.

He assured the Management of the Committee’s commitment to pursue to a conclusive end the salary package that would attract and retain the required relevant professional manpower for the institution.

Intimating the Management on the purpose of their visit Mohammed Bago said “We make budgetary allocations to the Academy, it is therefore our responsibility to monitor how funds are being disbursed for the purpose it was meant for, and the level of work executed”.

The Chairman further reiterated no new project should be initiated until the old ones have been completed and put to use, with particular emphasis on the Survival Swimming Pool, which according to him would help cut down expenses on Cadets training and also generate income for the Academy.

Hon. Bago therefore called for peace, unity and cooperation amongst Staff to enable the Management move the Academy to lofty heights while charging the Academy’s helmsman not to rest on his oars as he pushes forward with his ongoing transformational process in the Academy so he would leave lasting footprints on the sands of time.

He also emphasised on the need for a well articulated proposal containing the challenges bedevilling the development of the Academy, including Staff and Cadets Welfare, and Management’s suggestive way-forward, to be forwarded to the Committee formally. This he said would furnish the Committee with first-hand information that will guide them appropriately on the best approach to use in tackling the situation and also help them in the formulation of policies that would fast-track the transformation of the nation’s premier maritime training institution.

In his response, the physically elated Acting Rector of the Academy, Mr. Mkpandiok A. Mkpandiok expressed his appreciation to the visiting team for their comments, concern and love for the Academy and the nation and expressed his administration’s resolve to continue pursuing  vigorously the processes that would reposition the Academy for global competiveness within the shortest possible time.

He however decried the lack of up-to-date educational facilities like GMDSS Engine and RADAR ARPA Simulators, Training Vessel for Cadets practical training amongst others, and appealed to the Federal Government to extend its magnanimity to the Academy in this area.

He stressed that given its massive land mass, structures and some remarkable equipment, the Academy if also given the necessary educational equipment, enhanced Staff package and considerable budget allocation, would be in a position to cater for the need of Nigerians who travelled outside for similar training. With such facilities, the Academy could even train Foreigners thereby increasing Nigeria’s foreign earnings.

Projects inspected were: 2 Executive Hostel Blocks for Short Courses Students, the Presidential Jetty, One Storey Block Directorate of Consultancy Service, the Nautical Science block, Survival Swimming Pool, Mini Stadium/Sport Arena and the Rector’s Residence.


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Press Release: NASS Poise To Reposition MAN, Oron for Global Competitiveness

The House Committee on Maritime, Safety, Education and Administration has expressed its readiness to work towards the development of the nation’s premier and only maritime training institution, the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron. Making this known during the interactive session with Academy’s Management at the institution recently, the Committee Chairman, Hon. Mohammed Umaru Bago said the Committee is committed towards the overall development of the institution.

Hon. Umaru Bago, who stated that the purpose of the visit was basically to condole with the Management, Staff and Students of the Academy over the loss of their Rector, Dr. Joshua Okpo, and to familiarise with the Academy’s Management and environment, as well as perform their statutory functions. He challenged the Management to speed up measures aimed at enhancing development and standards in the Institution, for the benefit of the nation.

“You have to see us as partners in progress, we have to strengthen our institutions so that this country will move forward, we will make sure this institution is accorded a deserving status,” he stated.

Reiterating the Committee’s displeasure over the number of uncompleted projects in the Academy, he said that Academy’s contractors would be summoned to a meeting holding in Abuja, stressing that Contractors who do not deliver their jobs within the stipulated time frame will have their contracts revoked and the funds recovered.

He warned that defaulters will be prosecuted by the appropriate governmental body, the Economic Financial Crime Commission which is saddled with that responsibility.

The Committee Chairman charged the Management to see the Committee as partners-in-progress, assuring them that before the end of his Committee’s tenure all the projects would have been completed, as no new projects will be embarked upon.

“From what we have seen during the facility tour, we have resolved that we will not approve any new project until the ones we have on ground are completed and by the grace of God before the end of my committee’s tenure all the projects will be completed,” he assured.

Hon. Bago however expressed worry over the poor utilization of the Academy’s products, in this case the Cadets, and called for suggestive measures to tackle the embarrassing situation urging the Management to forward a formal request to the National Assembly for deliberation.

Also speaking the House Member Representing Ikot Abasi/ Mkpat Enin/ Eastern Obolo Federal Constituency, Hon. Francis Uduyork said the Academy being one of the oldest Maritime training institutions in West Africa deserves to be upgraded to a University and charged the Management to generate a constructive and well-articulated proposal in that respect for presentation to the Committee.

“We as a Committee will work with you to ensure that this institution is accorded a deserving status. I believe this institution is one of the oldest of its kind in West Africa and so there is nothing wrong with it becoming a university, so your articulation in the proposal must be well constructed, so we can move this institution forward,” he stressed.

He averred that the Management could always count on the Committee’s support as the Committee will ensure that things are done rightly.

Earlier, in his welcome address, the Registrar of the Academy, Mr. M. A. Mkpandiok had welcomed the visitors to the Academy, noting that their visit was timely given the present state of the institution.

Giving a brief history of the institution, he intimated the Committee that the Academy, despite its constraints, has over the years been able to produce competent personnel operating in the Gulf of Guinea and beyond as well as those marine personnel who drive the Oil and Gas Sector.

The physically elated Registrar expressed optimism in the Committee’s visit observing that it marks the beginning of better things for the Academy and called on the Committee to use the powers within the ambit of the law to upgrade the Academy to the enviable status deserving of an institution of 40 years standing.

Expressing hope in the Committee he said, “The Academy has delivered on its mandate of training competent personnel for the Maritime and Allied  Industries, we have trained Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Maritime Administrators and several other professionals. Development being a gradual process we still have a lot of challenges to surmount to be counted among the comity of maritime academies of the world. But we trust we can get there with your support,” he said.

The Committee called for a minute’s silence to be observed in memory of the late Rector.    


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Press Release: NIMAREX 2015 and the Place of MAN, Oron in Human Capacity Building

The 2015 edition of Nigeria Maritime Expo (NIMAREX) may have come and gone but its positive imprints will linger for sometime. The International Maritime Conference and Exhibitions, Africa’s biggest maritime expo took place at the Expo Hall of Eko Hotel and Suites had as its theme: “Building Economic Capacity through the Maritime Sector” and NIMAREX was borne out of the desire to showcase Nigeria’s enormous maritime potentials to the world.

The Acting President of Nigeria Ship Owners Association, Aminu Umar in his welcome address identified the services of maritime industry as the key alternative to Nigeria’s total dependence on Oil and Gas revenue. While affirming that over 90 of the world trade is being done through sea, he acknowledged the maritime industry as the major facilitator of this trade.

Nigeria accounts for over 60% of total seaborne traffic in volume and value in the West African region with a GDP accounting for over 60% total GDP of the 16 countries that make up the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), he said.

Umar asserted that the Conference provided the needed opportunity for the articulation of measures and strategies for the realisation of an impactful maritime sector at both national and global levels.

To the NISA Acting President, stakeholders and other participants at NIMAREX, the importance of the human element in shipping cannot be over emphasised, thus, the relevance of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron being the major provider of seafarers for the nation’s maritime sector.

One of the major factors hindering the maximization of the sector’s potentials is the limited supply of indigenous manpower to work in the industry, as continuous import of expatriates does not add the much needed value to our national economy. 

Unarguably, the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron established over 36 years ago with the mandate to train seafarers and merchant navy has lived up to expectations, despite the enormous challenges it is faced with. The Academy has turned out a good percentage of professionals who are presently occupying various positions both in private and government sectors of our economy.

On his part the Rector, Dr. Joshua Okpo indicated the need for the Federal Government and other relevant stakeholders to take advantage of the strategic role of MAN, Oron in servicing the critical needs of the Maritime Industry.

Enumerating some challenges bedevilling the institution to include lack of Cadets Sea time, non-dredging of the Oron Water way and in particular, the Academy’s waterfront; non-completion of the Academy’s Boat and Ship Maintenance Workshop; and inadequate educational facilities, Dr. Okpo called on the Federal Government to make a policy thrust that will help facilitate Cadets Sea time experience on board every vessel plying the waters of Nigeria.

“What is critical is to produce Seafarers based on IMO Standards and we need the Government to make a policy thrust that every vessel should take at least 2 MAN, Oron Cadets on board their vessel and the problem of Cadet Sea time would have been solved”, he asserted.

A stakeholder who craved anonymity commended the performance of the Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Dr. Joshua Okpo during the paper discussion session, describing him as a good CEO with a beautiful performance, which portrays a picture of not just a visionary leader but one with a purpose.

There is need for all stakeholders to join hands at this point in the Academy’s history to ensure that the Academy transforms to a Degree Awarding Maritime Institution based on the standards of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in no distant time. This has become pertinent if the huge potentials embedded in Nigeria’s Maritime Sector are to be fully utilised.

Other illuminating presentations were, “Analysing the Contributions of the Maritime Sector to the National Economy: Policy Prospects for Future Development of the Sector by Dr. Olisa Agbakoba, (SAN); The Imperatives of Attracting Investments into Nigeria’s Maritime Economy: Investments and Funding Perspectives by Tony Elumelu Chairman, UBA, Plc. and Maritime Domain Security Enforcement: A Dimensional In Plugging Economic Leakages by Rear Admiral GSA Ombo (Rtd.).




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