Press Release: MAN, Oron Mourns as CEO Passes On

The atmosphere in the nation’s premier maritime training institution, Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron has been that of shock and disbelief as Management and Staff of the institution try to come to terms with the sudden demise of its amiable and indefatigable Rector, Chief Dr. Amb. Joshua Enun Okpo. The Rector passed on Tuesday this week in Abuja, while on an official engagement with the National Assembly.

In a memo issued by the Substantive Registrar, Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Mr. Mkpandiok A. Mkpandiok, who until his recent appointment was the Head of Personel of the Academy, after an Emergency Management Meeting held today in the Academy, declared a 7-day Mourning period in the Academy in honour of the late Rector.

Also, all Staff, Cadets and Students of the Academy have been directed to wear black band on their left arms while the flags are to be flown at half-mast throughout the duration of mourning, in honour of the late astute Administrator.

Arrangements are being made to have Condolence Registers opened at the Academy, its Lagos and Abuja Liaison Offices and also at the Calabar and Port Harcourt Study Centres, for all who want to condole with the Academy during its period of grief and monumental loss.

Management also called on Staff to comport themselves and continue to discharge their duties as required of them, for the development of the Academy and the Nation.

We close this page with Okpo’s usual slogan: God Bless Nigeria!


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Acquisition of Skills for effective and efficient contribution of individuals to national growth and development has remained the dream of both the Government and Private concerns, as it enables anyone to be self employed or even to be an employer of labour.


Research has it that with Skills Acquisition at one time or the other, the youths would go a long way in eradicating poverty and other social vices militating against the progress of our country.


It is the understanding of the benefits of Skills Acquisition that prompted the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Elano Investment Limited, Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron in Akwa Ibom State on Wednesday.


This agreement will enable the Academy commence a training programme with the aim of guaranteeing excellent training to all trainees.


In his welcome address the Rector reiterated the Management’s commitment to giving sound and basic training which will guarantee the making of qualitative and competent personnel with required skills.


He further appreciated the Company for finding the Academy a fertile ground to partner with and also encouraged them to consider the whole of Nigeria their constituency to allow for extension of similar gesture to other communities within the country.


The Rector gave an assurance that the trainees would definitely not disappoint the Academy or Elano investment Limited, as they all have been tested both in conduct and learning. “Qualified candidates that would be trained in the Academy have been properly screened before hand, so as to ensure quality participation, which in no time would bring excellent results”, he noted.


He stressed that the trainees should be tolerant of one another, while emphasising that any misbehaviours would lead to dismissal irrespective of the person involved.


Speaking in glowing terms, the Consultant of Elano Investment Limited, Mrs Edughom Hanson, thanked the Management of the Academy for the partnership agreement and described the relationship as very relevant and necessary at a time like this, when the youths of our Country needed to be firmly established in various skills, so as to be self reliant and to contribute positively to national development.


Mrs Hanson expressed optimism in the bright and enchanting promises made by the Academy towards training the youths to be productive citizens, and expressed her profound gratitude to the Management for the hospitality accorded them during their visit.


On his part, the Head of MANCONSULT, Dr Kevin Okonna, expressed his profound gratitude to Elano Investment Ltd. on their consistency and perseverance throughout the months of deliberations.


He also noted that the training will help immensely in reducing poverty, cultism, unemployment and restiveness among the youths, while adding that the course content and overall training is set out to impact positively on the youths during their stay in the Academy.


He thanked the group and hoped for a lasting the relationship between the duo that will lead to greater heights.


Earlier, the leader of the visiting team, Chief Gomba Okanje, who expressed joy over Academy’s hospitable disposition towards their team noted that “Education remains the boat that leads to greatness even as he envisage, a wonderful and continual relationship that will be long lasting’’.


He affirmed that before they had a compilation of the intending trainees, the company had organised phases of examinations to test behavioural attitudes of trainees in other to avoid any future embarrassment on their paths.


 The signing of the MOU between the two organisations was the high point of the day’s event.


Also in the Elano Investment Ltd. Team were: Chief Gomba Okanje -Board Chairman; HRH Prof. Walter Ollor; Chief James N. Agba- Director; Hon. Godwin Risi-Director and Jacob Abaye - Consultant.






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Press Release: MAN, ORON: Federal Government Promotes 378 Staff

The Honourable Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, in fulfillment of the Federal Government’s resolve to transform the Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) Oron, has approved the promotion of 378 Staff of the institution.  The recent promotion is the result of the Junior, Senior and Management Staff interviews which took place in the main campus of the Academy late last year.

In the 40 year history of the Academy, never has half that number of staff been promoted in a single uplifting exercise.  The gesture is even more impacting when weighed against the back drop of staff who have worked for years without being promoted, as well as some who were enjoying their first-ever promotion.  This gesture of the Honourable Minister of Transportation which is like a tonic releases a new lease of life, as many staff could be seen exuding fresh confidence and determination, which could be considered important ingredients in Government’s transformation drive.


Out of the total number, Junior Staff are 157, while the Senior and Management Staff drawn from both the Academic and Administration arms are 221. Among them are 3 Chief Lecturers viz, Engr. Maurice Nduka Ijeoma, Engr. Innocent Chijioke Ezeala, Dr. John Aderemi Adeyanju; 4 Directors viz, Siddi Ekpaha Mkpandiok, Corporate Affairs, Mr. Emmanuel Jonah Essien, Personnel Affairs, Mr. Sunday Okwong Udoh, Finance and Account; Mr. Okon Bassey Okon, Finance and Account. 4 others got promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief Lecturer and they include; Mrs. Atim Afahaene Ikara, Mr. Ekwere Ekwere William, Mr. Olaoluwa Olusegun Omotosho, Mrs. Angela Patrick Udofe and an Assistant Chief Librarian, Mr. Effiong Emmanuel Okon. 2 Staff each have been promoted to the rank of Deputy Registrar and Deputy Director.  They are, Mr. Peter Makadas Netson and Mr. Ishiola Rafiu Yusuf, and Mrs. Theresa Thankgod Anya and Engr. Babawale Odunayo Ogunsola respectively.


When the Honourable Minister directed the Permanent Secretary in charge of the Ministry, Alhaji Sabiu Zakari and four Directors in the Ministry to personally supervise the interview which held in December last year was comprehensible apprehension on the part of staff, being the first time, in the life of the Academy, that the Ministry was directly physically supervising promotion interview in the institution.  Today, the staff are happier for reasons of greater authenticity, work satisfaction and rewarding motivation,  and remain grateful to the Honourable Minister, the Permanent Secretary, and all the Directors and Staffers of the Ministry who worked tirelessly to ensure this success of the exercise.

Many Staff have also given kudos to the Management of Mr. Mkpandiok A. Mkpandiok who expedited the promotion exercise and assisted the ministry to be fully involved. Some of them recalled that until recently past Management have dragged their feet when it came to Staff promotion matters.



Corporate Affairs Desk

MAN, Oron.


 Unarguably, the “Change Begins with Me” initiative of President Mohammadu Buhari, aimed at spurring Nigerians to self-awakening in the fight against corruption and national drawbacks has evidently gained traction in the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, under the careful watch of an administrator par excellence, Dr. Mkpandiok A. Mkpandiok.

Trail-blazing is never an easy task. It involves lots of conceptualisation, planning, consultations and eventual careful execution. Since assumption of duties, Dr. M. A. Mkpandiok, who also doubles as the Registrar of the institution, has tackled the challenging responsibilities with genuine commitment to probity, transparency and accountability, while holding firm to the promotion of job satisfaction and culture of meaningful maintenance in a season of limited resources.

While the emergence of the Substantive Registrar, Dr.  Mkpandiok as the Acting Rector can best be described as circumstantial, his handling of the Academy’s Academic, Administrative and sundry issues however portray an Administrator with an in-depth and detailed knowledge of the workings of the training institution. From one Unit, Department and School to another, the present administrationhas been scored high on grounds many hitherto considered unbreakable, judging by our immediate past.

Today, the Academy can be properly considered as one of the Agencies of Government successfully driving the change process via the activities of its dynamic Management.



Harmonious Working Relationship:

Dr. M. Mkpandiok, against all odds, has been able to unite members of his Management into a cohesive Team thereby championing a common front in a renewed determination to achieve the Academy’s mandate. The Mkpandiok-led Management is committed to dotting the ‘Is’ and crossing the ‘Ts’ to ensure that the Academy becomes Nationally and Internationally recognized as a Centre of Excellence in Maritime Education and Training.

Steadily like the wheel of justice, the current administration is gaining new heights on grounds hithertoconsideredimpossible by cynics and all these, within a short period of one year.

Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, is slowly rising to prominence as the present administration has succeeded in prioritizing the institution’s necessities with their modus operandi streamlined in compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s best practices. These efforts are aimed at repositioning of the institution for regional and global academic and professional competitiveness.

The Management and Academic Board now meet regularly to attend to issues as they arise and this has fast tracked Policy implementation. This new approach, overtime, will sure put MAN Oron’s products at par with their counterparts the world over. Permit a peep into a few areas of the present Management’s operations.



The Academy is progressively taking the spotlight as more maritime experts, professionals and other stakeholders have developed keen interest, of recent, in key areas of partnership all in a bid to better the lot of the premier maritime training institution and the generality of Nigerians. To mention but a few, there is ETOPO Nigeria Limited, POSEIDON AS of Norway, Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, TAMROSE Shipping, BETA Shipping amongst others.


The Acting Rector of the Academy, Dr. M. A. Mkpandiok believes keying into the Change Initiative of President Mohammadu Buhari  explains why he has taken the bull by the horn in his efforts to restore the lost glory of the institution. For instance, the institution’s Full Mission Bridge Simulator, which has been moribund for years, has been fully restored and upgraded with the latest data. Also, the existing Contract for the Liquid Handling Simulator which had a lingering, controversial issue has been resolved and recently renewed by this Management.

Still in the spirit of face-lifting the Academy, Teaching Aids have been purchased for the Meteorology and Coastal Management Department.

In his renewed vigour to ensure all the sectors of the Maritime Industry are flooded with the products of MAN, Oron, and not being aversed to professionals advice, the Mkpandiok’s Administration has been instrumental to the birth of 4 new Academic Programmes in the Academy, viz: Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Oceanography and Fishery Science at ND level, Naval Architecture at HND Level and Hydrography and Dredging Technology at the PGD level respectively which will commence in the next Academic Session after due accreditation by NBTE soon.

In the past, the School of Marine Engineering had to deal with or make do with just one functional Lathe Machine, but with the coming on board of the Mkpandiok’s Management in the Academy, that scenario has been confined to the dustbin of history, as all the machines Lathe, Milling and Grinding Machines are fully functional and are being utilized during Cadets practical sessions.

Today, quality is the name of the game in the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron. The present administration has not closed its eyes to the fact that for the Academy to be able to turn out qualitative and competent Cadets, the Lecturers must be conversant with current trends in their fields of professionalism. Hence, over 60% of the Academic Staff have been sponsored to conferences and short courses at both local and international Levels.

Also worthy of mention is the accreditation of the institution’s Electrical Electronics Engineering Programme and the introduction of same at the HND level.



 In March this year, the Management succeeded in securing the approval of the Honourable Minister of Transportation and of the Ministry for the promotion of 378 Staff who had worked for many years without promotion. A good number of Staff who have obtained higher qualifications at the conclusion of their training have also been upgraded.

To ensure that Staff continue to be in good health, the Acting Rector has ensured that equipment which were packed unutilized are mounted and made functional for staff to use for physical exercise.

His administration has sponsored over 50% Staff on trainings like Conferences, workshops and Seminars both outside the Academy and in-house.

Worthy of mention is the sponsorship of the IMO Model Course 6.09 for Lecturers and Instructors. The train-the-trainer programme with its content aimed at producing quality Cadets, who will compete favourably with their counterparts anywhere in the world. Its other goal was to put Lecturers and Instructors in good stead to be able to raise the standard of training the Academy’s Cadets receive.

Also, Staff are sponsored at Professional Certification and at Higher Degree levels nationally and internationally.



Still on blazing the trail, in the area of Community Relations, Mr. Mkpandiok is bridging the gap between critical sectors of the Academy’s Host Communities, which is why the academic environment is still enjoying its relative peace conducive for learning, while even members of warring communities have continued to co-exist with one another, peacefully. Just recently, some women of the Host Community were trained in the acquisition of different skills, a feat which no administration has attained before now.

Inauguration of the Host Community Relations Committee which serves as a channel of effective communication between members of the Host Communities and the Management, but also has provided the required synergy for peace to reign in the Academy and its environs.



Chronicled below are some of the renovation works of the present Management all within the last 12 months:

i.       E-Library and Resource Centre Complex abandoned for more than 5 years now nearing 95% completion.

ii.    Resumption of work on the 2 One-Storey Classroom and Offices Blocks close to the Administrative Block, now nearing completion.

iii.Completion of 10 Staff Quarters which was abandoned.

iv.Ongoing Construction work at the Boat & Ship Building Maintenance Workshop at the Jetty.

v.    Ongoing Construction of permanent Cadets’ Parade Ground.

vi.The repairs and rehabilitation of all the Academy’s official vehicles which were grounded.

vii.                      Renovation and allocation of 2 Bungalows Classroom Blocks by MANCONSULTS to be utilized by the School of Maritime Transport and Business Studies Resource Centre.

viii.                   The setting up of a well-equipped gymnasium for the promotion of physical exercise and healthy living among the members of the Academy’s community (Awaiting Commissioning).

ix. Mending of broken portions of internal roads in the Academy.


x.    Review of the Academy’s Curriculum in conjunction with National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and the MANILLA Amendments to STCW 2010 which has been overdue.

xi.The Sponsorship of Staff to National pre-critique and Critique Workshop by Management for HND Naval Architecture, Hydrography and Dredging Technology, Marine Meteorology and Coastal Management, Oceanography and Fishery Science and other Programmes of the Academy.


xii.                      Stabilization of the Academic System and entrenchment of sound Academic Culture as well as promoting Peace and Security in the Academy and its contiguous Host Communities.



Suffice it to say that Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron in the last one year has evidently experienced unprecedented growth under the leadership of this astute technocrat as captured in the words of the Chairman, House Committee on Maritime Safety, Education and Administration, Rt. Hon. Mohammed Bago during a recent visit of his Committee to the Academy. He said and we note, “When we came here last year, some structures were at their various stages of dilapidation, the environment was littered with abandoned projects and facilities were outdated. We have observed with great delight that your administration has taken steps to complete some projects, renovated some buildings and upgraded facilities to enhance Cadets’ training. We will support you to achieve more for the Academy and the Nation”. When an overseeing authority gives such a remark for the benefit of all, the story has been told.

Recently, at the Acting Rector’s Doctorate Degree Award conferment (DOCTOR OF ARTS HONORIS CAUSA (D. Arts, Hons.) In Educational Management and Leadership) by the European American University which took place at the University of Lagos, Lagos some Members of the Academy’s Management seize the opportunity to extolled the virtues of the Acting Rector cum  Registrar.

The Academy’s Bursar of many years who is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Mr. Folorunsho A. Kayode has this to say about his friend of many years and I quote; “It is not how long, but how well. Dr. Mkpandiok has shown to the whole world that he can do better than many Academicians when it comes to administration matters. He is a good listener, he always takes my Advice when I advise him professionally, especially in the area of Finance Management. So I thank this Institution for fishing him out of the crowd in view of his achievements in the Academy, for this prestigious Doctorate Award.”

In the same vein, the Academy’s Director of Personnel Affairs, Mr. Emmanuel Essien acknowledged thus; “Here we are today in Lagos to celebrate with the giant we may not have known. Right now, I occupy an office he left for me. For the good number of years I have been in the Academy, I have worked with different Administrators, but Dr. M. A. Mkpandiok distinguishes himself. He has the courage to lead people to quality service delivery and he also possesses good charisma  which influences his work environment positively. Just recently, a good number of Staff were sponsored to Kaduna State for a Critique Workshop and as I speak, the Academy is about having accreditation for all its Programmes. This is a feat no administration in the Academy has achieved in the past.

During his own remarks, the Head of Marine Engineering Department, Engr. Maurice Ijeoma observed, “In the past, only one Lathe Machine in the Marine Engineering Workshop was working, even the Cadets can testify to that fact. We were just managing, as efforts to get them fixed during past administrations were futile. As soon as, Dr. Mkpandiok came on board we put across to him the same request and he was swift in his response and action. Now all the machines in our workshop are functional.

There is a lot of improvement in the Department and all our Courses or Curricula have been fully reviewed in the just concluded 2 Weeks Critique Workshop organized for MAN, Oron by National Board for Technical Education officials in Kaduna State, it has never been so since I joined the Academy many years ago. Right now things are working well and point towards getting better”.

Earlier, the Director of Corporate Affairs of the Academy, Mr. Siddi E. Mkpandiok who stood in for the Acting Rector noted “This is the day The Lord has set aside to do honour to a man in our midst, and I have to, at this point in time, say that the Acting Rector, who is being honoured today, has by his committed service to his fatherland endeared the Academy to the European American University (EAU).  This has led to the establishment of a solid and reliable relationship between the Institutions. He wishes he were here to personally thank all the dignitaries who have made out time to attend this event, and remains grateful for the confidence reposed on him by this distinguished Academicians. He promises to do more towards the promotion of good standards as well as the welfare of Cadets and Staff of the Academy.

Today, Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron stands out as the only Federal Government Maritime Training Institution in the Country and the only one recognised by the United Nations’ Maritime Regulatory Body, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).  He pledges to keep the flag flying by ensuring that the Academy’s mandate is effectively realized. He is also determined to ensure that the institution plays its role in the development of the nation’s maritime sector”.

The Director of Corporate Affairs also observed that the Acting Rector’s flair in Community and Media Relations  remains top grade. “He dedicates this prestigious Award to the Cadets, Students, Staff and Management of the Academy whose immense support made it all possible”.



Despite enormous and seemingly insurmountable challenges, the Academy under the keen watch of Mkpandiok Mkpandiok is working tirelessly towards the realization of Cadets Sea Time Experience, where Cadets are taken on board Vessels for practical training, in order to deepen their knowledge in the Seafaring Profession. Efforts are being intensified on possible collaborations with relevant companies to admit Academy’s Cadets on board their vessel and it is expected that government policies geared towards this angle will be of immense pertinence to help clear the existing back log of Cadets in need of Sea time knowledge acquisition.



Despite obvious challenges that confronted successive administrations in the day-to-day running of the Academy’s affairs, Mkpandiok A. Mkpandiok remains resolute and unrelenting in his commitment to actualize the Federal Government’s blueprint and IMO’s best practices Index for the Academy.

Dr. Mkpandiok A. Mkpandiok says the thrust of his administration is to reposition the Academy to regain its lost glory, enhance the status of Cadets as well as the confidence of the maritime Stakeholders in the shortest possible time.

We also join the many voices commending to say; well done, Sir!


From the:

Corporate Affairs Desk

MAN, Oron.

Press Release: Ministerial Committee Commends MAN Acting Rector

The unwavering efforts of Mr. Mkpandiok A. Mkpandiok led administration towards the actualisation of the ongoing transformation process of the nation’s premier maritime education and training institution, Maritime Academy of Nigeria has been commended by the Ministerial Committee on restructuring and repositioning of the Academy.

This was made known by a former Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), and Chairman of the Committee, Chief Adebayo Sarumi during the Committee’s maiden visit to the state.

He said the purpose of their visit was for members of the committee to familiarise with the Academy Community, its Host Community and the government of Akwa Ibom State as well as canvass support to enable them undertake their assignment successfully.

He noted that the constitution of a Technical Committee made up of the calibre of the people the Committee is composed of, goes a long way to show how passionate and committed the Federal Government is towards the rebranding the Academy in line with the International Maritime Organisation’s standards.

The Chairman emphasised the need to hold on to the dream of the founding fathers of the Academy, and ensure that it becomes reality.

Concerning the mandate of the Committee, Sarumi hinted that the main objectives of the Committee included advising the Federal Government on the repositioning of the Academy to enable it attain optimal training capacity; recommend appropriate measures to be taken by the Federal Government  to upgrade the Academy  to a world class institution and maintain the standard of training and certification that would effectively serve both the local and international needs of the maritime industry.

Praising the Honourable Minister of Transportation’s ingenuity at constituting the technical committee, he therefore called on the Management of the institution to put forward a position paper reflecting the technical and administrative challenges, and called for the shunning of all dispassionate and primordial tendencies, for the betterment of the institution and the nation’s maritime sector.

“You have the listening ear of the Honourable Minister, put your position paper together. We need an all inclusive participation by all of you” he said.

Earlier in his welcome address the substantive Registrar and Acting Rector of the Academy, Mr. M. A. Mkpandiok, expressed optimism that at the end of the           Committee’s assignment the Academy would be better than what it now is.

He intimated the Committee on his administrative’s efforts in tackling some of the institution’s problems since his assumed office in acting capacity, while stressing the major challenges militating against the development of the Academy to include lack of Sea Berths for Cadets’ Sea-Time Experience, inadequate funding, securing and sustaining qualified professionals and lack of relevant educational facilities for the training of Cadets.

He appealed to the Committee to use their good position to impress on Non-governmental and Governmental Agencies,  other maritime organisations to help the Academy in form of donations, and also the Federal Government to formulate policies that would encourage Shipping companies operating in the territorial waters of the country to accept Cadets on-board their vessels.

Meanwhile the Registrar had urged all Staff and Cadets while awaiting the Ministerial Committee’s report to put all hands on deck, in line with the change begins-with-me campaign of President Muhamadu Buhari.

The Committee which was warmly received on arrival, met with Management, Staff and Cadets of the Academy, socio-political groups, Oro traditional institutions  with whom they had one-on-one interactions.

They also undertook a tour of Academy’s facilities, among the facilities inspected were Presidential Jetty, Simulators, Laboratories, Class Room Blocks (completed and ongoing) Central Refectory, Hostels, Sporting Facilities, Survival Swimming Pool, Lecture Theatres, E-Library, Auditorium and  Marine Engineering Workshops amongst others.

Leaders of apex socio-political groups in Oro Community who also spoke differently, during their interactive session with the Committee commended the decision of the Federal Government to upgrade the Academy, for optimal global competitiveness while also expressing optimism that with the calibre of personalities the Committee is comprised of, they have no doubt that their dream of a maritime university in Oron will be a reality in no distant time.

The group whose leaders spoke included the Council of Oro Traditional Rulers (COTR), Oro Union (OU), Oro Youth Movement (OYOM) and Essu Nlap Oro (ENO).

It would be recalled that the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi in January 2017 inaugurated a body of tested and trusted technocrats and maritime experts as a Committee to identify the problems plaguing the Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN), Oron, Akwa Ibom State and proffer solutions.

The Ministerial Committee is composed of a former Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA),Chief Adebayo Sarumi; a Master Mariner and former Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC),Capt. Adamu Biu; a former Government Inspector of Ships and former  Administrator of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, Engr. Olu Akinsoji;  Managing Director and CEO of Starzs Marine and Engineering Limited andPresident, Ship Owners Association(SOAN) Engr. Greg Ogbeifun; the Director Maritime Safety & Security, Federal Ministry of Transportation, Mr D.M. Dauda; the Director of MAN, Consultancy Services, Dr. Kevin Okonna while the Mr. Sani Umar is the Secretary of the Committee.



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